Navi - Instant Personal and Home Loans



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Navi - Instant Personal and Home Loans

Navi - Instant Personal and Home Loans
Navi - Instant Personal and Home Loans, Navi is a new digital platform app through which instant personal loans can take up to ₹ 500000 in full as well as home loans up to 1.5 crores. 

Navi is a loan application and through this application personal loan and in a few minutes You can take a home loan, there will be no need to send any kind of physical document anywhere, you will be able to apply for Instant Loans, through this application, if you are thinking of taking a home loan, then a loan of up to 1.5 crores is given. Talk about the interest rate, then 6.95% per annum can be charged, the time to pay the loan is given for 25 years,


1. Amount: Upto Rs 1.5 cr.

2. Interest Rates Charge Starting at 6.95% per annual 

3. Maximum Loan Tenure Upto 25 years

4. Loan amount up to 90% of property value

Navi Home Loan Features

1. Instant loan Approval 

2. No Physical documents required

3. Higher loan amount & Low EMIs facilities

4. No application fee charge, legal fee, valuation fee or others any document handling fee

Operational Cities here

Currently present in Karnataka in Bengaluru, Davangere, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Hubli.

Expansion to other states and cities soon

If you are thinking of taking a Navi Instant Personal Loan, then you can take a loan of up to ₹ 500000, apply for a loan through a smartphone sitting at home, the minimum time for paying an online loan is given from 3 months to 36 months. Let's talk about the interest rate that can be charged from 16% to 30% yearly, there is no need to send physical documents anywhere. The application works with 100%  paperless document and no bank statement and No salary slip will be required, you will be able to make loan prepayment like EMI, you can apply without making a security deposit, you should have a KYC document like Aadhaar card will have to be provided as an address proof and PAN as identity proof. If you have a KYC document, you have to give the card, then you can take an instant personal loan.


1. Loan Amount : Rs 10,000 up to Rs 5,00,000

2. Loan Tenure : 3 to 36 months

3. Interest Rate Charge: 16% to 30% per annum

4. Processing fees charge: 3.99% (Min Rs 1,499+GST and Max Rs 7,499+GST)

Navi Personal Loan Features

1. Loan Starting Upto Rs 5,00,000 limit

2. Instant loan Amount transfer into bank account

3. No Visit  bank No Bank statement or salary slip requirement

4. Digital loan 100% paperless process

5. Minimal documentation. 

6. Flexible loan and EMI  Loan repayment options

7. Instant Check your eligibility 

8. No security deposit fee(collateral)

Navi Instant Personal Loan Apply Online 

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Full Video Process on YouTube - Live Proof 

Navi Loan Apply Now - Click Here 

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