PayMe India- Instant Personal Loan App



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PayMe India- Instant Personal Loan App

PayMe India- Instant Personal Loan App Online-Upto Rs.2,00,000, Paperless Document & Digital online Loan Process your Smartphones.

PayMe India is India's number one online loan application platform through which consumer loans are being provided, you can Belong from anywhere in India. Approval will also be seen, the name of the lending company is Huey Tech Pvt Ltd. It is being financed by the company,If you are a salaried person or self-employed, you can still apply for a loan here. You can apply for a loan over some KYC document. It provides loan service all over India, if you need loan finance then you Can apply for loan,PayMe India loan can be applied through your smartphone application from home, Maximum loan amount Upto ₹ 200000, depending on your profile, if you have a Cibil score above 700+, you will confirm loan finance,PayMe India is a digital leanding platform where you can avail an instant personal loan from home based online loan application, you can credit the loan amount in your bank account as soon as you completes certain KYC documents up to a maximum of ₹ 200000. Even if you are a send, you can apply for a loan here.

How to Apply loan in  PayMeindia:-

How to apply for a loan within the PayMe India application, you will also get to see a process like this, first of all, download your smartphone application from inside the Play Store, install it properly, then through your mobile number, OTP Along with verification, you will have to share your personal details as soon as you do the verification,Also, you have to share what your work details are, within the online application you will have to fill up all the details, after filling all the details, you will have to wait for a while until your approval is received as soon as Loan Approval is received. So by adding your bank account, you can transfer the loan amount to your account,

So this was some way to apply for the loan, how can you apply for a loan from a smartphone sitting at home through the PayMe India application, within the PM India application, the application becomes complete in 3 steps like I am asking you personal details Work details will be asked simultaneously and your loan eligibility is known as soon as you complete the KYC documentation then Loan Amount Credit to bank Account,After getting approval, in this way you can apply for a loan within Team India which is being financed by a private limited company for all people if you are salaried or self employed.

Check Eligibility in PayMe India Loan:-

Before applying for a loan within the PayMe India loan application, it is very important to check eligibility. You must have eligibilty. To apply for this application, your age should be above 18 years of age, if you talk about the maximum age limit, age 56 years. Should be only then you can apply for a loan here, it is very important to be an Indian citizen,If you are a salaried person or self-employed, then you can apply by applying a loan here, monthly salary should also be a source of income. Your salary slip will also have to be given. Huey Tech Pvt Ltd. Finance is being done by the company, for all people, you can apply through smartphone from home.

PayMe India:Document Required:-

Before applying for a loan within PayMe India, there are some documentation requirements that you have to complete, you can give a driving license Voter ID passport or Aadhaar card as an ID proof, PAN ID as an ID proof, PAN ID as an ID proof Also you can give a selfie photograph,Then you have to do this sign up, as soon as you sign the loan agreement from the loan application, you will have to verify through the mobile number OTP, after that you can transfer the loan amount to the bank account, it is very important to complete some KYC documentation if all these The documents you have can apply for online loan,Through the PayMe India application, which is being funded by the company Huey Tech Pvt Ltd.

PayMe India Exclusive features:-

 Loan amount – minimum Rs. 500 to maximum Rs. 2 Lakhs.

• Zero charges on pre-part payment.
• Zero charges on foreclosure.
• convert with a personal loan to EMI-free loan.
• Faster approval and sanctioning process.
• Easy and flexible repayment options.

Example LOAN TERM:-

• You can pay interest only on the borrowed amount,.
• 3-24months flexible EMI tenures.
• A collateral-free personal loan.
• Loan disbursal in the minimum possible time.

Extra Fee:-
Against a personal loan value of Rs. 1,00,000/ with interest rate x @ 18% per annum, a user would pay:Processing fee = Rs.3,000 (GSt include)
(Line setup fee to be paid before starting the credit line),Effective monthly interest: INR 1,500,Total amount to be repaid after a year= INR 1,00,000 + Interest (INR 18,000),
the Loan amount is would be disbursed then  after deducting with the processing fee.

PayMe India Personal Loan Uses Types :-

1.Education  2. Medical 3.Wedding 4. Home renovation 5.Buying mobile 6. Travel expenses 7.Pay your rental deposit 8.Monthly bills 9.To buy home appliances, furniture, and other items of need .

Security & Protection of Privacy:-
Data  Safe security & privacy is a top priority at Payme India App.
Contact Us.:- 

Call us at :+91 120 636 1900

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